ANF Love Me Canned Wet Food Made with Australian Meat

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ANF "Advanced Nutrition Formula"

Not eating or lost appetite?
It is important to respond promptly to a refusal to eat in dogs that usually eat well
Help them with a can of real ingredients to support and regain their appetite

✔️Gran Free
✔️No byproducts

+ Soft mousse texture good for young puppies & even for old dogs with hard time chewing
+ Best recipe when mixed with the dry dog food 🍛

4 Different Flavors to Keep your Pets Excited & Enjoy Every Meal!
🥩 Beef (Exp: Dec, 2022)
🍗 Chicken (Exp: Dec, 2022)
🍖 Lamb (Exp: Dec, 2022)
🧀 Beef & Cheese (Exp: Dec, 2022)

Expiry date might be shorter than other canned products as ANF Love Me Canned Food is made with real and fresh ingredients without using harmful, artificial flavorings and preservatives.

9 Cans/box
Made in Korea