Carbonated Spa Tablet / Bath Bomb Shower Head

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Revolutionary Spa for Skin & Hair Treatment

It is a compressed tablet consisting of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and bicarbonate. It adds ions while enjoying the spa.

  • Enhance metabolism
  • Health improvement
  • Hair damage repairing
  • Skin moisturizing

What is Carbonated Spa?

Carbonated spa contains high concentration of carbon dioxide. By taking a carbonated spa, it enhances blood flow without pressuring the heart, it is known as “Sprint for the Heart” in Europe.

In Korea and Japan, carbonated spa has been widely used for years. It is used as medical treatment for angiemphraxis in human hospital; and hair repair treatment in hair salons. Because of these amazing effects that carbonated spa can do, ENERVIS tablet for pet is discovered.

"For a small fee we can provide some relief for your itchy, flaky, yeasty, smelly dogs. It is a soothing treatment for your pet. "