Farm Harvest Nosework Sniffing Toy

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FUNNY FEEDING GAME: 8 colored carrots snuffle mat for dogs, as long as you take away the carrots, you can hide snacks in them and let the dog find them by smell. It can effectively reduce the feeding speed of pets to prevent digestive problems. At the same time, the dog will feel extremely excited during this process.

SAY GOODBYE TO BORED AND LONELY DAYS: Besides having fun playing, this can also train the sense of smell of your pet. Two wishes granted at the same time! It helps to reduce a pet’s loneliness and increase their happiness index.

REDUCING ANXIETY & STRESS: Put some treats into tiny pocket cups. This allows your pet to focus on its sense of smell, while trying to find the treats, as a part of the scent-training process.

EFFECTS OF OLFACTORY ACTIVITY: Socialization, Behavior correction, Improve self-confidence, Separation anxiety. Train your pet in getting to know the surroundings with their sense of smell. Through the olfactory activity, it will reduce stress and lift up its confidence level.

SAFE & UNIQUE DESIGN: Different from an ordinary dog snuffle mat, it needs the dog's sniffing and thinking. The snuffle mat for puppies uses odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, and safe materials. Originally designed for human babies, we improved it so that animals can play. All materials are made of baby-like materials, so it is soft and safe to put in the mouth.

🥕Carrot Farm
🍓Strawberry Farm
🍍Pineapple Farm

100% Production in Korea, remarkably durable | Easy Cleaning | Size: 34 * 35cm