Freeze-Dried Premium Treats

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CONTAINS ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENT: Freeze-Dried (FD Treats) are made with protein and are ideal for dog diets that need limited ingredient treats.

MOUTH-WATERING AND HEALTHY: Flash frozen to maximize flavor while preserving nutrients, these delicious treats are packed full of essential proteins and minerals.

SUPERIOR FRESHNESS: Container with a cap maintains freshness and an aroma your dog will crave. Give some to your best friend as a training reward, snack, healthy post-meal treat or break them up to mix it into kibble for an extra flavor blast for your favorite 4 legged friend.

MADE IN KOREA: Our wholesome and tasty treats are made from chickens raised on sustainable farms with the highest standards of manufacturing.

Sweet Potato (85g)
Chicken Heart (70g)
Duck (80g)
Cod/White Fish (60g)
Pollack (40g)
Tuna (100g)

Different quantity/volume due to equal pricing of different ingredients.

For both dogs & cats