GINIPET Korean Red Ginseng & Holistic Grade Food with Organic Lamb

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Immunity that is consumed every day, a premium health food brand for pets, 'Ginipet'

Created with the desire to treat our pets the way we treat ourselves and to be together with them for the long run. Ginipet contains 6-year-old CheongKwanJang red ginseng to aid with immunity, and is formulated in a balanced way using ingredients that are safe and fresh.

Ginipet is there for you for the health of your companion animals under the motto of respect for life.

Pets are our family. Pets need to be taken care of, and our 6-year-old red ginseng and over 30 years of know-how are safe and based on a scientific and systematic approach. Under the motto of respect for life, Ginipet is there for you to live a happy life.

Contains red ginseng to help boost immunity

All Ginipet products contain ingredients with red ginseng guaranteed by CheongKwanJang. In addition, a study done with Seoul National University confirmed its safety for dogs and effectiveness in improving immunity.

Kibble size: 7mm

1 Bag: 1kg (200g * 5 individual pouch)