Ginipet Red Ginseng Rejuvenation Vitamin

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✔️Immunity that is consumed every day, a premium health food brand for pets, 'Ginipet'
Created with the desire to treat our pets the way we treat ourselves and to be together with them for the long run. Ginipet contains 6-year-old CheongKwanJang red ginseng to aid with immunity, and is formulated in a balanced way using ingredients that are safe and fresh.

✔️Ginipet is there for you for the health of your companion animals under the motto of respect for life.
Pets are our family. Pets need to be taken care of, and our 6-year-old red ginseng and over 30 years of know-how are safe and based on a scientific and systematic approach. Under the motto of respect for life, Ginipet is there for you to live a happy life.

✔️Contains red ginseng to help boost immunity
All Ginipet products contain ingredients with red ginseng guaranteed by CheongKwanJang. In addition, a study done with Seoul National University confirmed its safety for dogs and effectiveness in improving immunity.

Jungkwanjang Ginipet Red Ginseng Dried pollack Extract Powder 70g
Providing Rich Amino Acids for Rejuvenation of Puppy/Dog/Doggy/Pet
Made in Korea South.

🌱Granular type for feeding by sprinkling on feed
Dried Pollack Fish Concentrate Powder/Tablet Containing Rich in Amino Acids
Spoon is enclosed for easy feeding.

Contain 80% dried pollack concentrate powder, 18.2% red ginseng ingredient
Contains more than 50mg/g of amino acid content

Amount and method of feeding by weight
Less than 6kg(=13 pound =211 oz.): 2 tablespoons per day (0.8~1.2g) with the enclosed spoon
Over 6kg(=13 pound =211 oz.): 4 tablespoons per day (1.6~2.4g) with the enclosed spoon
Registered ingredient amount: L-methionine 1000mg/kg or more
Ingredients: Pollack concentrate powder, red ginseng F, squid powder-3, red ginseng powder,
steamed ginseng (ginseng) concentrate powder, vitamin E

💪🏻Helps for immunity and joint health for your dog!
Containing 6-year-old red ginseng ingredients from Jeong Kwan-Jang helps immunity
Containing glucosamine sulfate, green lipped mussel powder, and shark cartilage extract powder, it helps dog joint health.

It is easier to eat in the form of a tablet containing nutrients necessary for dogs compressed into one tablet.
One tablet a day, please take care of our puppy's nutrition.

1 tablet(1g) per day less than 5kg(=11 pound=176 oz.) in weight
2 tablets(2g) a day over 5kg(=11 pound=176 oz.) in weight