Tearzen (Fastest Tear Stain Remover)

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The most effective tear stain remover is here!

We know and understand that you don't want your babies to cry. Crying causes dark under eye stains and it will cause bad smell. 

Tearzen eliminates stains from eyes, beard and feet. It is a safe and effective solution to made your dogs eye look brighter. 

No preservatives. No fillers. No artificial colors or flavors. 


Ingredients: Soy flour, Brewers dried yeast, Natural flavors, Lecithin, Tocopherols, Rosemary extracts and etc. 

Indication & Efficacy: Prevention and control of flare, tear stain, pruritus caused by tear and staphylococcal infection for dogs. 

Dosage & Administration: Mix with food and administer orally once a day (same time) for 2 weeks. Stop for 2 weeks. Repeat. 

Storage & Shelf life

- Store at cool and dry place (1-30 C) with sealed

- Valid for 24 months from the manufactured date