Washable Mesh Fabric Belly Wrap Diaper for Male

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WASHABLE, REUSABLE, Breathable mesh fabric & comfortable belly wrap diapers for male dogs -  have been providing dogs and their owners with compassionate care, comfort and coverage. 
As your dog gets older they may start losing control over their bladder and bowels, but that can be managed with the right dog diapersbelly bands and pads. 
NEW LEAK PROOF DESIGNED. With a wider base and waterproof interior, these dog belly wraps provide extra safety and snug fit around the waist.To prevent leakage and damage to carpet, sofa etc.
SUPER ABSORBENT PAD. Double layers absorbent pad inside, soft and comfortable to increase acceptance. 
MEASURE TIPS: Please measure your dog's waist in front of the back legs before purchasing to ensure a good fit. WE SUGGEST YOU that measure your pet precisely with A FLEXIBLE TAPE to ensure the best fit. Don't be too tight when measuring.
2 pieces of refill liners are included!
S I Z E  C H A R T 
  Small Medium Large
Product Size 40 X 12.5cm 50 X 13cm 62 X 14cm
Pet Waist Size 26-35cm 36-45cm 46-55cm